Visited by Coyotes

We leaned our heads back to watch the shooting stars. Smoke from the fire ring rose and merged with the swath of the Milky Way. We heard running, many feet running through dry leaves over the hill behind us. We saw shapes flood from the woods into the starlight. Deer, I said, then I heard the … More Visited by Coyotes

The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well Pennies from heaven I have found today: one here, one there, one in the parking lot – I know an angel placed it there with all goodwill especially for me. It is grace, but it is too small a grace to build a life upon. My youngest voice pulls at my sleeve, … More The Wishing Well

Modes of Healing

Shapers’ Veil is a fantasy novel full of adventure and majesty. It is also an experiential journey into healing. Several modes of healing are woven throughout the story.  The most familiar to human readers is herbal medicine as practiced by the healer Gydana.  Born into the potter’s trade, Gydana was accepted among the nomadic Adeladans … More Modes of Healing