a story of the forest

forest 007
How can I set you at ease?
Shall I tell you a story of the forest?
Of the earliest days,
when the trees were young and spoke aloud,
and shouted with merriment
when the shadows of our wings fell upon them?

At that time,
the forest stretched from horizon to horizon.
Soaring high above the canopy, our silhouettes were small,
the trees merely chortled.
Skimming low over their crowns, our silhouettes stretched wide,
they guffawed!

We gathered at times
long ago, my kin and I,
when the skies shone bright and clear,
and the winds bore us amiably.

We left our stone cliffs,
put aside our rivalries
and flew together to the forest
to make the trees laugh.

As we flocked,
the gaiety of the various groves
swelled beneath us
in different ways.
We made a kind of music with it.

Gliding swiftly,
the cries leapt swiftly under us.
Wheeling and banking,
our shadows fell this way and that,
the shouts rose this way and that along with them.

You smile:
my fierce tribe–sporting together?
It’s true. We soared,we stooped, we spun;
we wove with wind and wing
to make magnificent shadow play.

The joy of the trees from horizon to horizon
sang our music for us as we danced.

M.C. Chambers

I wrote part of a chapter that sat up and wanted to be a poem. It is National Poetry Month, after all, so I complied; here is the result. #nationalpoetrymonth

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