Goodbye World! Going to ConQuesT

I am leaving this world for a few days, stepping aside into Story: Story in the forms of books, gaming, costumes and friends. I am heading to ConQuesT, Kansas City’s foremost Science Fiction convention. I have been attending annually for fifteen years, but now for the first time as a dealer. I will be selling my books alongside author Aaron Hollingsworth while still participating in Story in a Bag, Writers’ Workshop, panels and readings. I hope I can juggle it all! If you see me wandering around with a dazed look just steer me back to the Dealers’ room and feed me chocolate. Better yet, get all your friends to buy all my books and just turn me loose into Story.

Here is my schedule for Conquest 47:

Friday, May 27
Dealers’ Room 12 PM – 6 PM

Saturday May 28
Story in a Bag, 10 AM & 12 PM
For details, see

Writers’ Workshop meeting, 3 PM

Sunday May 29
Panel: Costuming characters in your writing,  10 AM
Writers need to consider all manner of things when clothing the people in their stories. Include textiles and garment design in your world-building!

Reading: 12:30 PM
I’ll be reading from my story “Uno Por Cada” – described by Publishers’ Weekly as “brightly featured Mexican magic realism”, one of the “most memorable” in Hadley Rille Books’ newest anthology Ruins Excavation.

Otherwise, find me in the Dealer’s Room throughout the weekend
or in the Con Suite, judging stories from Story in a Bag participants.

Visit for more ConQuesT information!

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